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Who Inspires you?

Margaret: Apollo 13 Crew & Mission Control. Working the problem as a team, because failure is not an option!

Charlie: Rafael Nadal, 16‐time Grand Slam winner. A true fighter that never quits.

Jim: Sir Richard Branson, a “thrill seeking” entrepreneur who controlled over 400 companies with high integrity. In a more general sense, any and all First Responders!

Kris: Jim Carrey, built an incredibly successful acting career despite early setbacks. Jim’s perseverance serves as a constant reminder to always believe in yourself, your dreams and never quit.

Angela: Simon Sinek, he has a way of focusing beyond the ‘obvious’, to look at peoples’ motivations and values. By doing so, he empowers others to use these new insights to make meaningful change.

What do you like most about DSI?

Jim: Client and team diversity. It has never been “boring” at DSI. The opportunities the company provides allows for continued professional growth and optimal solutions for our clients.

Kris: The way groups collaborate together to ensure clients receive the best possible solutions.

Charlie: Exposure to a variety of industries and clients, allows ability to learn and grow in a fun environment.

What’s been your favorite project?

Margaret & Kris: PDC Consolidation: ‐ Facility Layout, Process Improvement, WMS reconfiguration “Overcoming significant constraints, delivering an actionable, implementable solution client successfully executed on.”

Angela & Jim: Nutraceutical company: ‐ Warehouse & Distribution leaning out key processes, improving efficiencies “Once they embraced change the results were amazing!”

Some of the industrial engineering solutions and services DSI offers include mechanical engineering consulting, world class manufacturing, and more.

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