Leadership and Experience Cultivate Supply Chain Growth


What do you like most about DSI?

I enjoy the entrepreneurial feel of the company and its leadership. Coupled with the “family” atmosphere of the employees, it makes for a fantastic work environment. I’ve been in multiple industries and numerous companies over my 32‐year career and recognize and appreciate the benefits of a company like DSI.

What do you enjoy about your work?

Client and team diversity. It has never been “boring” at DSI. The opportunities the company provides allows for continued professional growth and networking.

What’s something new that you’ve learned?

That not everyone at DSI recognizes Michigan State’s superiority.

What’s something you’re proud to have accomplished?

I am excited to continue the growth of the supply chain group within DSI. A testament to the entrepreneurial culture of DSI, growing a new group within an established engineering design firm is exciting and challenging.

What is the biggest Supply Chain issue facing DSI clients today?

We are experiencing an increased need for assisting our clients with warehouse design, layout, and process improvements. Amazon Prime, Google Express, etc. are changing retail customers’ expectations. The changing business landscape requires significant distribution / warehouse models that allow for speed and flexibility.

Who inspires you?

Anyone that overcomes significant adversity and obstacles to succeed, whether in sports, business, or family life.

What interests you?

Keeping up to date on the latest supply chain thinking and business practices, promoting and supporting young professionals, building strong teams and empowering them.

Some advice for young professionals?

Develop “intellectual curiosity” in everything you do for your career. Do not settle into a routine, constantly strive to improve skills, learn cutting edge business trends and tools, and ensure the next quantum leap in your field doesn’t leave you obsolete.

What do you enjoy doing on your own time?

Spending time with my kids, golfing, “vigorous” hiking /parkour, playing tennis and doing CrossFit.

DSI is an engineering consulting firm with a unique breadth of capabilities that allow us to stand out from other mechanical engineering companies by providing you with the right engineering solutions for your business. Some of the engineering services we offer include supply chain consulting, manufacturing execution systems (MES) implementation, simulation engineering, supply chain planning and more.