Project Management Services

Program Management Services

Our program management services and project management services are comprised of the simultaneous management of several interrelated projects. Coordination between all of these projects is key to the success of any program.

Program Management as a service will provide Cost and Risk Reduction and ensure that Schedules w met. Facilities are “Right Sized” for the application for a Cost Effective solution to your manufacturing needs.

DSI is an expert provider of industrial engineering solutions whose broad range of engineering services makes us stand out as a leader. Some of the services we offer include mechanical engineering consulting, manufacturing execution systems, world class manufacturing, vr engineering, drone 3D mapping and more.

Our team also includes expert supply chain consultants and supply chain planners. Contact us today to find out more about our industrial project management and program management services.

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Define Program Goals and objectives, conduct Initial site & facility surveys
Preliminary Planning
Develop Detailed Cost Roll-Up
Design / Detail Engineering
Monitor and Enforce Program Timing Schedule Conformance, Administer Contracts (Bulletins, Change Orders, Schedule of Values Invoice Payment)
Installation Coordination
Identify, Track, & Assist in Resolution of Build, Product, & Quality Issues. Develop, Coordinate, and Verify Construction Punch List Activities
Start-up Commissioning
Coordinate Training Program
Project Closeout
How We Do It
Our program management services and project management services have included: operations management, construction management, and installation supervision.

Design Systems, Inc. is capable of self performing when requested. We have managed hundreds of programs locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally in all industries. Many of these facilities have requested our Program Management services multiple times for their next programs. We provide a high standard until your desired outcome is achieved.

If you have a unique industrial engineering problem, view our Specialty Services.
Why We Do It
  • Consulting Services
    • Evaluate PM software appropriate for specific site

  • Asset Management
    • Tracking spare parts used on multiple machines

  • Predictive Maintenance
    • Utilizing historical data or datum measurements to schedule preventative maintenance to reduce possible failures causing downtime and unsatisfactory quality

  • Work Order Management
    • Track work orders scheduled with work orders completion

  • Inventory Management
    • Track spare parts for duplications on all machines – improve purchasing leverage with larger quantity and reduced prices on higher frequency of use

  • Preventive Maintenance
    • Scheduling routine maintenance during non-production time to prevent downtime

  • Risk Reduction & Avoidance – A Program Manager will coordinate within and between several interrelated projects to ensure that items do not slip through the cracks. We issue quality control metrics that ensure a high standard outcome is achieved.
  • Scheduling - Design Systems, Inc.'s staff of Program Managers are very familiar with all of the required phases of each project. We will eliminate delays due to a lack of coordination between different projects, departments, and contractors.
  • Cost Reduction – Having the opportunity to see the overall Program we find more cost effective solutions to achieve the Program's goals and objectives. Having been in many industries gives us the ability to think out of the box and provide creative solutions.
  • Right Sizing – Having the right sized facility to meet your goals and objectives will reduce your costs for years to come with utility and tax savings. We have the experience to provide the "right sized" facility layout. We can offer solutions if your currently facility is oversized as well as provide for planning to upsize your facility if required.

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