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Program Management


Design and Implementation of Conveyors, Paint Process Equipment and IS


Chrysler Windsor “NS” Minivan Plant


  1. Create a comprehensive, ‘walls-in’ paint shop including conveyors, all paint process elements, and support systems.
  2. Implement and commission all shop equipment.
  3. Engineer and integrate all information systems.
  4. Use simultaneous engineering and advanced scheduling techniques to achieve a zero launch curve.


Design Systems functioned as Lead Consu~ant and Project Manager for this landmark greenfield facility. Included in the scope of work was the design and implementation of a system for applying zinc phosphate and electrocoat, a dual-pass cure oven, and dual robotic sealers. Six airhouses for facility-wide ventilation management were included, as was the design and installation of decks for sealer and electrocoat sanding.

In concert with the paint process line, Design Systems consulted on control panels, and distributed information systems for data acquisition related to process variables.

The conveyor configuration is a skid system, with inverted power and free conveyors, an Air-B-Dip, and various lift tables, power roll tables and cross transfers. A skid washer and power and free carrier washer are also key to the system.

The PC-based DIS monitors every process variable within the paint shop, generates real-time process variables and creates historical trending. It provides clear, at-a-glance system status, and exceptional process traceability.

Following system installation, DSI performed comprehensive check-out, and performed point-by-point verification of motors and motor control panels associated with process equipment and conveyors throughout the facility.

“Bottom Line” Results

  • The goal of 8 z.o Launch Curve was achieved.
  • First-day production reached its target of 1500 jobs.
  • The launch Is repded by Chrysler Corp. 81 the most successful of its kind to date.