Design Team Integration

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Process Development


Tray Management


Electrocom L.P


  1. Partner with Siemens Electrocom L.P in the development of an integrated design approach to tray management (TMS) that could be implemented in facilities nationwide.
  2. Bring together talent from diverse disciplines to most effectively address the many issues regarding mechanical systems, controls, ergonomics, material flow and facility compatibility.
  3. Evolve detailed simulation strategies that would allow viable alternative ideas to be understood and evaluated by the customer, quickly and thoroughly.


A Design Team that included representatives from Siemens Electrocom L.P. and Design Systems’ Mechanical, Manufacturing, Controls and Simulation Groups combined their resources in this landmark project.

Optimization layouts created by engineers on the team demonstrated the potential and nature of product flow throughout individual facilities.

DSI engineers provided detailed construction plans and other vital support documents.

“Bottom Line” Results

  • The Integrated Design Team Approached has provided a very effective strategy for engineering these postal systems.
  • Design Systems, Inc. takes great pride in teaming with clients. We have been an effective engineering partner for Siemens since 1996.