Large Mobile and Modular Home Manufacturer – Manufacturing Optimization – Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping Case Study


Manufacturing Optimization
Value Stream Mapping


Large Mobile and Modular Home Manufacturer


Our client approached us due to a need to increase their productivity and output of their modular and mobile pre‐manufactured homes. We provided this client with a current, future, and ideal value steam map of their facilities activities. The Value Stream Maps showed the flow of material from dock to dock which allowed for the analysis of all the steps involved. DSI was able to implement many improvements without any capital expenditures required from the client.


  • Current State, Future State, and Ideal State Value Stream Maps
  • Maps allow for identification of improvement opportunities
  • Kaizen Journal listing all continuous improvement action items
  • Yamazumi charts to balance operations under Takt time
  • Week‐long workshop to review the implementation plan presented by DSI

“Bottom Line” Results

  • 22% Productivity Improvement
    By implementing all DSI’s suggestions and changes to the current manufacturing process, increasing the number of homes produced from 7 per day to 9 per day
  • 218 of Minutes of Work Saved
    Per unit, which led to an increase in units produced per day
  • 12% Reduction in Leadtime
    DSI was able to cut the dock-to-dock lead time from 2.4 days to 2.1 days per unit
  • Elimination of Overtime
    Was a major goal that was achieved as a result of eliminating non-value-added steps and work, allowing for increased productivity.