Material Flow Engineering

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Plant Mapping for Material Flow Engineering

Dockside to Line Side

Material Flow Engineering is the process of engineering, analyzing, optimizing, and defining the Physical Part Routing for every unique part. We see it as the movement of materials or parts within the manufacturing facility. We can handle the flow of the product or process from dockside to lineside.

Real-World Applications

  • Plan for Every Part (PFEP)
    Visibility into disparate parts data, bringing it together in one place.
  • Containerization
    Tailor package, container, rack design to meet your budget and functionality requirements
  • Material Delivery
    Ensure materials and parts delivered to the worker use the most efficient route and reduce congestion.
  • Optimize delivery routes
    Ensure your facility has the right ‘vehicle’ to transport material from receiving at dockside to placement its final destination.

The DSI Advantage

We work with our clients to determine which of our material flow services are best suited to your facilities needs. We give you the results that are required for your facility. We tailor our real-world applications to your facility.