Conveyor Health Assessment – Automotive

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Conveyor Health Assessment


Conveyor Health Assessment


Automotive Manufacturer


DSI has performed a yearly health assessment at this automotive manufacturer for the past few years. This year presented a new challenge as the client’s facility now produces a vehicle that is heavier than their systems are rated for. The client’s main concern is the additional wear and strain this vehicle is causing. The inspection teams still performed a typical mechanical assessment while placing more focus on observing and documenting abnormal conditions that their maintenance personnel may not be finding.


The inspection teams documented a total of 440 reportable issues with the client’s conveyors. 41% of the items reported in the inspection report required immediate or near-term remediation. Nineteen critical issues were found during the inspections that required immediate notification and attention of the client’s maintenance department.

Some of these critical issues were known by the client which validated their observations. The other critical issues were unknown to the client, so they were appreciative to learn of these issues as soon as they were discovered. The Health Assessment Planning Detail Report assisted the client with addressing and closing approximately 60% of the immediate concern items within the first two weeks of receiving the inspection report.

The inspection teams encountered a few conveyors with inaccurate paths on the customer-supplied layout. While not part of the scope of work, the inspection teams did perform a brief field check and update of the affected layout and provided that information to the client as a courtesy.


  • 25 IP&F Conveyors Assessed
  • 4 VDLs Assessed
  • 440 Issues classified as reportable discovered
  • 181 Issues classified as requiring immediate or near-term repair or replacement
  • 19 Issues classified as critical
  • Over 100 Issues resolved within the first two weeks of receiving our inspection report