Facility Layout Optimization – Logistics / Supply Chain Management

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Warehouse Facility Layout Optimization


Facility Layout Optimization


Logistics / Supply Chain Management Company – Redford, MI


A Logistics / Supply chain management company had a problem and turned to Design Systems, Inc. for help. They needed assistance with creating an optimized facility that included optimal storage locations based on daily usage and delivery frequencies and also maintain their current manpower counts. They also needed help with determining areas of congestion and seeking opportunities for LEAN processes to increase throughput and minimize operator walk time in the facility.


Our team took a phase based approach that was planned out and agreed upon before arriving onsite. The objective was to create a baseline assessment of current dock and storage capacity levels and verify manpower requirements. Using the data provided by the customer, the DSI team was able to create the baseline requirements and a PFEP to drive the future state improvements for efficiency. Phase two took the findings from phase one and worked with the customer to develop the future state layout that optimized floor space and the business units footprint while increasing throughput without increasing manpower.


  • 85% utilization efficiency
  • 31% reduction in travel distance
  • No manpower impact