“Strategic Alliance” Support Team – Midwest Paint Shop Program

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Midwest Paint Shop Program


General Motors Corporation


Develop a “Strategic Alliance” Support Team for GMVO Paint Engineering Group’s procurement of a new paint shop. Team responsibilities included program administration, scheduling activities, financial control, document control, program safety support and training coordination.


GMVO Paint Engineering Group planned to procure a new paint shop facility, including all building and process requirements, from a single full-service contractor, rather than using multiple vendors for engineering, site construction, building construction, equipment installation, etc. The initial screening of contractors for capability of performance was the responsibility of GMVO Paint Engineering.

GMVO Paint Engineering needed a knowledgeable engineering/construction resource during the team engineering, site construction and facility activation stages.

“Bottom Line” Results

A Design Systems “Strategic Alliance” Support Team Concept was developed for the new GMVO Paint Shop that permitted the client flexibility of resource management without incurring additional fixed program costs. The concept included:

  • Engineering resources provided by the OSI team working parallel engineering studies with the full-service contractor engineering team. These parallel studies permitted the client to examine numerous alternatives offline without impacting the primary scheduling timeframe.
  • Alternate layout configurations being developed by the OSI Team based on site topography. This effort resulted in the client being able to reduce site preparation by approximately 30,000 cubic yards of fill material and 1400 lineal feet of retaining wall.

The DSI Team was configured to provide both full time and part time personnel as required to complete engineering and construction tasks in a timely manner and at minimal cost. The team consisted of five permanent members: Program Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Scheduler, Financial Controller and Document Controller. Six part time members were assigned to Miscellaneous Paint Process, MSQ Document Control, Electrical Controls, Contract Cost Management, Information Systems and Administrative Launch Assistance.