Engineering Safe and Efficient Work Environments


Powered Industrial Vehicle Safety

In a perfect system, workers and machines would come together to create a safe and efficient process. As you and I know however, the reality of most manufacturing facilities is far from this idyllic setting. Design Systems stands out from other engineering consulting firms as a leader in meeting the challenges of productivity and worker safety within the beehive of a manufacturing complex.

Whether you call them hi-lows, forklifts, or lift trucks, these Powered Industrial Vehicles and their interaction with pedestrians within the facility create opportunities for accidents that can be prevented with the proper design and material handling methods. Design Systems engineering services will develop a thorough solution for your unique facility: to protect your staff, meet the daily production requirements, and to help your bottom line by reducing expensive worker compensation costs. Contact a representative today to set up your free site analysis.

Implementing World Class Manufacturing Techniques
Whether it’s the Toyota Production System, World Class Manufacturing, Lean Production Systems, Synchronous Manufacturing or any of the myriad of other terms; they can mean different things to different people. Throw in some Japanese terms – Muri (overburden), Mura (unevenness), Muda (waste elimination), Kaizen (improve) and Kanban (billboard) and we start to confuse what started out as a straightforward concept.

World Class Manufacturing is about common sense and empowerment: common sense in the approach to manufacture more efficiently, to produce what the customer wants, when they want it and empowerment of people closest to the process to effect changes.

Common sense and empowerment may sound simple in principle, but are much more difficult to achieve in practice. To truly be considered “World Class” in manufacturing and reap its benefits, a complete cultural change across an entire organizational structure is required from the top down.

Understanding the Principles
Design Systems, Inc. is helping our customers get there. With our thorough understanding of the principles involved, the nuances of execution and our experience in team building, we can help facilitate and enable your efforts. Whether you are just starting down the road to World Class Manufacturing or want to get to the next level, let us show you how we can help make your journey a success.

Design Systems, Inc.
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