3D Carrier Design

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s a core competency, Design Systems, Inc.has extensive “hands-on” experience with 3-D carrier design and virtual modeling.

CATIA V4 & V5 and Unigraphics software are used for the design of carriers and fork transfers. These design tools provide customers with better and more accurate detail design, thus reducing the number of prototype carriers required for testing and design proofs.

Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software with the 3-D models, Design Systems can “Right Size :” the structural elements of the carriers for both static and dynamic loading. This eliminates “Over Sizing” of carrier members which reduces cost in carrier fabrication, conveyor drive HP requirements and conveyor system wear.

Our expertise with 3-D software and “big screen” conferencing facilitates highly effective coordination with the client and suppliers. It also reduces carrier design time allowing best possible communications regarding design intent and decision -making.

Design Systems has the ability to connect with our customers via:

  • T1 Lines
  • Virtual Product Manager (VPM)
  • AutoWeb CCX-I Mailbox
  • AutoWeb GCX-I Mailbox



  • “Right Sizing” carrier structures.
  • Design carriers accurately the first time.
  • Multiple product capability using product math data.
  • Early design to allow coordination with suppliers.
  • Early design allows prototype build at customer facility.


  • Minimize prototype development.
  • Minimize launch issues.
  • Minimize vendor coordination errors.