3D Facility Layout Development

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3D Design is reality in Design Systems, Inc.

Design Systems, Inc. uses a broad suite of 3-D design software, including, to name a few, CATIA, Unigraphics, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, FactoryCad. Visualization and animation software include: UGS Teamcenter Visualization Quality and 3-D Studio Max.

Facility Layout Development

Design Systems, Inc. applies its 25 years of experience with facility and material handling engineering to the development of comprehensive 3-D plant layouts.

  • Native 3-D drawings conversions
  • 2-D to 3-D drawings
  • Field check to 3-D drawings
  • Laser Scanning to 3-D drawings
  • 3-D to AVI “Fly throughs” Development of 3-D concept and Bid Package level layouts for facilities and conveyor systems.
  • Development of material handling and material display layouts.
  • Layout support using “Smart Object”

Work Cells/ Workstations

From the 3-D layout model, any workstation or cell can be isolated allowing:

  • Identification and study of the workstation and it’s environment, including carriers, racks, tools, rails, etc.
  • Analysis of operator workflow and packaged materials within the work cell.
  • Confirmation of work elements required within the workstation.
  • Review and analysis of ergonomic issues.

Uses of 3-D Layout Design

    • Exceptional presentation tool
    • Interference Detection
    • Coordination, and validation of tooling design / location
    • Quick development of cross-sections
    • Validation of service accessibility
    • Operator training
    • Visual management


  • Error Reduction
  • Interference Resolution
  • Clarity Through Visualization
  • Cost Reduction By:
    • Design Optimization
    • Ease of Change Management
    • Team Integration and Coordination
    • Decision tool for Management