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Have a conveyor system but not sure you are fully utilizing its functionality? Maintenance issues causing unexpected costs, personnel time and downtime? Design Systems, Inc. has been providing Conveyor Engineering Services for our customer’s material handling needs since 1983. As an engineering service provider and not an equipment supplier, we are a completely unbiased engineering resource whose only goal is to design the best possible solution for our client’s unique circumstances.

Let us help you get the most out of your conveyor systems; understand its capabilities, maintenance requirements and design parameters. Classes offered by Design Systems experienced team of engineers can be tailored to your specific conveyor systems and will typically run from a 1-day overview session to a more in-depth week long class.

Save Maintenance Costs – Do it yourself

Conveyor EngineeringThese training classes are designed to teach facility personnel the fundamentals of Conveyor Systems Engineering so they will have an understanding of each system’s overall functions and capabilities.

This systems-oriented course is ideal for cross-training plant personnel. People who will benefit from attending this course include:

  • Plant and Facility Engineers
  • Supervisors
  • Building Engineers
  • Safety Directors
  • Environmental Health and Safety Personnel

Conveyor Systems Included in the Course Overview

  • Overhead Power and Free
  • Inverted Power and Free
  • Skillet System
  • Chain-On-Edge System
  • Skid System
  • Flattop System
  • Power Roll and Belt Systems
  • Basic Transfer Methods

Topics Covered for Each System

  • Chain Pull Calculations
  • Throughput Analysis
  • Horsepower and Drive calculations
  • Take-up Calculations
  • Clearance Studies (Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Min / Max / Float Calculations
  • Zone Counts
  • Strip Out Bank Calculations
  • JPH Calculations
  • Basic Carrier Designs and Carrier Quantity Analysis
  • Basic Transfer Designs
  • Horizontal Turn Studies and Rules
  • Vertical Curve Studies and Rules
  • Accumulation Studies
  • Trolley Load Studies
  • Load Bar / Tow Bar Studies and Rules
  • Basic Carrier Troubleshooting