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Site Planning & Facility Layout


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Our Process Optimization Team was engaged as a partner and extension to our client’s team to identify process issues and improve material flow of site and entire facility to reduce the headcount, improve material handling efficiencies as well as improve site safety. The team optimized the facility layout to support business growth for the next 5 years with additional production and storage capacity.


  • Optimized facility layout and flow to increase capacity and meet future sales growth.
  • Redesigned the internal warehouse to optimize storage space and increase pallet storage capacity by 50%.
  • Redesigned the 200K+ Sq. Ft. yard to improve storage and material flow, reduce congestion as well as increase safety.
  • Improved picking and material handling efficiencies.
  • Identified aged (potentially obsolete) materials.
  • Worked with the IT system providers to ensure the system supported the new material flow processes.


  • 50% improvement on pallet storage
  • 30% improvement on manufacturing capacity
  • One way traffic flow to improve safety and reduce truck turnaround time
  • 20% aged (potentially obsolete) inventory identified
  • 15% reduction on picking time