industrial engineering firm“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” This well-known phrase refers to the idea that once a process or habit is in place, individuals will become stuck in their ways, either unable or unwilling to change. At Design Systems, as one of the foremost engineering consulting firms in the country, we believe the greatest success can be achieved for the industrial engineering firm that is willing to run with practices that are working for them and remove those that aren’t.

Small Adjustments Lead to Great Success for Industrial Engineering Firms

With the help of our multidisciplinary solutions team, research-based answers can be found to shift where needed. So how do we help you instigate the necessary changes? We’ve summed-up our skills in 3 simple steps:

  1. Observation: Whether you have glaring errors in your facility, or you can’t quite put your finger on where you are going wrong, our team will always take the first step to observe on-site. By coming to your facility in person, our industrial engineering team can collect critical data and unearth the causes of inefficient or ineffective processes. Viewing the multi-faceted operation that is unique to your industrial operation can help us to understand your needs at a more complex level.

  2. Identification: A thorough analysis of gathered data will help us narrow down key take-aways for improving your operation. Once problems are properly identified they are addressed right on-site to give all key individuals a better vision of what changes are to come. Concerns will be addressed and issues can be pin-pointed.

  3. Problem Solving: Now that information has been gathered and analyzed, we can do our magic at building practicable solutions for you and your team to implement. Computer data and top-of-the-line software are used to turn unique solutions to action. From designing custom workspaces to drawing up plans for a smoother flow of operation, we will present the changes we believe will bring you the most success.

Consistent Daily Effort

At Design Systems, we know change can be a difficult pill to swallow. We promise to make these important shifts as painless and attainable as possible. Ask us how to get started in optimizing your industrial operation. Once you see the improvement in your industrial engineering company, you will be glad you did. Contact us today for more information!